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MISSION: Our mission is to help you become an awesome & effective kids yoga teacher. Because one of the best things to do with your yoga is to share it with the next generation. 

PAST: OM Schooled was established in NYC in 2009 and grew out of hundreds of classes in NYC public schools. OM Schooled Teacher Trainings are special because they were formed in the classroom and out of years of developing, managing, and teaching yoga classes in public, private and charter schools as well as studios. Our tools and lessons are kid-tested! Though rooted in school yoga, you can tweak all lesson plans for the studio setting, privates, bday parties and classroom breaks.

FUTURE: This training will arm you with tools and the structure you need to build your own rockstar classes and programs.  We teach a library of kids yoga poses (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation, classroom management, class structure, asana art, and more. Understand different developmental stages and learning styles, how to bring yoga philosophy to youth, and ways of sharing creativity in kids yoga.  

You will leave the teacher training with a stack of lesson plans and the confidence to use them!

 PRESENT: Because what we do in the present moment builds our future, we believe it's important to share tools of mindfulness, joy and peace to our collective future generation. (Plus, kids yoga is fun.)


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“When I am mad I go home and do yoga with peace music then I feel much better. The poses that you teach us are just amazing to my huge heart.”
— -Sky, age 7, NYC public school student
 *Yoga Alliance registered Continuing Education Provider

*Yoga Alliance registered Continuing Education Provider

 Founder & Lead Facilitator: Sarah Herrington

Founder & Lead Facilitator: Sarah Herrington


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