“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
— Rumi

We exist to make you an AWESOME kids yoga teacher (!) help you share the yoga you love and arm you with tools to teach in schools, studios, privately and even start your own programs.

Yoga is amazing and we are passionate about sharing it early with people in life (i.e. kids & teens!) and know you are, too. 

Go Kids Yoga.


OM Schooled was founded in NYC in 2010 in order to share more high-quality yoga with children, teens, and in schools. OM Schooled does this by training yoga teachers, classroom educators, therapists, parents and any interested adults to teach highly organized and fun yoga lessons that are age appropriate and inspired, aligned with state and national PE standards. We also advocate bringing yoga breaks into the academic classroom, to further learning and plant lifelong seeds of wellness.  We aim for lessons that are both joyful and rigorous, planting seeds of love for yoga early on.  OM Schooled is also the name of a book for teachers and those interested in kids yoga!

How are we different? OM Schooled trainings (& book) grew out of years of in-class experience teaching yoga full time to kids and teens in NYC public, charter, and private schools and studios, starting in 2008. In fact, the seed was planted in 2007 when OM Schooled founder Sarah Herrington began leading a full time kids yoga program in a NYC public school (where she taught 5-7 classes a day, 5 days a week to 25+ kid yogis at a time while creating school-wide curriculum and lesson plans).

We teach teachers to create lesson plans and curriculums that are comprehensive and innovative, share complete teaching toolboxes and take lots of time to practice teach. We learn together!  OM Schooled has now trained teachers world-wide.

We believe yoga makes life better and to share tools of exercising the body, focusing the mind, and using the breath to feel more balanced, children can lead happier, healthier lives. And happier kids leads to a more peaceful, joyful, healthful future world. (plus, yoga is pretty fun)

We are grateful to share more kids yoga through more kids yoga teachers.

What IS Yoga?

The truth is, yoga is a small word with BIG meaning. At OM Schooled, we do our best to share from as many of the limbs of the yoga path as possible given the context of the space/school/studio, from poses and breathwork to kindness and ethics toward self and others. Because OM Schooled founder Sarah H also practices Buddhist-based meditation, practices of mindfulness and meditation have worked their way into the OM Schooled curriculum, as well. 

We want to help kids "exercise" mind, body and breath- become friends to themselves and to others. Yoga is about living in union with yourself, and the world.

-image by our friend Cyn Narcisi

-image by our friend Cyn Narcisi

“My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call ‘education of the heart.”

— -Dalai Lama