OM Schooled Teacher Training Grads have gone on to do amazing things, like teach in studios and schools, start their own programs and share with their own kids.  Here are a few can add yours!



"Since graduating from OMSchooled, I've worked with children of all ages all over NYC.  I'm a kids yoga instructor for Hosh Kids, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to schools in Brooklyn.  I've taught classes at Harlem Yoga Studio and helped start a volunteer-based kids yoga program at Grand Street Settlement.  I'm also completing a Masters program at Teachers College of Columbia University with a coursework in health education, fitness, nutrition, relaxation, mindfulness and spirituality and teach at Strala Yoga in NYC too!"

(go, Humberto!)




"In 2013 I was a stay at home mum with 2 kids and a love of yoga.  I wanted to teach yoga to children but never thought I would be able to manage it as I had not worked with children before.  With no confidence and no idea were to start I had given up hope of being a yoga teacher for kids.  That was before I stumbled across Sarah Herrington's online teacher training certification.  Sarah made it all very clear and I signed up that same day.  I was very excited to start and found every lesson gave me more and more tools and eagerness to put into practice what I was learning.  At the end of the course I invited friends of my daughter to come round and try a class of yoga to see if they liked it.  It went very well and now I am teaching weekly to a group of 10 children.  They are loving the classes and arrive looking forward to learning more about yoga each week.  I was able to put into practice something I had wanted to do for so long but never thought I would be confident enough to do.   Sarah has provided easy to read lessons and guides on how to teach yoga to youth and they were all I needed to get the ball rolling which hasn't stopped since."

(right on, Hollie!)



"OM Schooled played such a major role in my creation of my own business, Child Cor, giving me the tools I needed to be successful in reaching children.  Now I work to build confidence and promote well-being in children through yoga, dramatic arts and creative meditative practices through Child Cor."

(woo-hoo, Elena!)



"Teaching yoga is an art unlike any other.  You give of yourself, your understanding, so that another can, through eyes other than their own find another path.  OM Schooled is a Master class about being a child again, about remembering the process of discovery, the joy of finding different ways along the same road.

I work with children who neither speak my language, nor have seen my home, my world.  Their roots are knotted, hard, certain.  New, strange, foreign can be scary.

Sarah shares the joy of exploration and is a keen teacher in self-awareness.  She claps hands dearly with her inner child and introduced me to mine again, so that his voice can be heard by the children with whom I work.  I am thankful."

(inspired, T!)


"Since studying with OM Schooled I have infused yoga and pranayama into my work as a therapist for children. I work at an outpatient mental health clinic with kids who have complex trauma, severe mental health issues, mood dysregulation, and the tools you shared come in handy as coping skills for them. They enjoy yoga a lot! Next year I'm opening a private play therapy practice where I will infuse even more yoga and pranayama into my work."

(amazing, Becca!)