Root to Rise: business foundation for OM Schooled grads


Root to Rise: business foundation for OM Schooled grads


In order to rise, you have to first have strong roots!  (take a lesson from Trees, and Tree pose!)

In this workshop for OM Schooled grads, you'll learn how to :

a) further identify the niche you want to teach/zoom in on what you have to offer the world

b) understand the differences between different business set-ups, understand what you need in your "practical teaching kit" (paperwork 101), how to make this work sustainable for yourself, how to stay organized

c) how to get the word out, i.e. marketing

d) get personalized feedback on your materials so you step out on a good foot FIRST

This workshop is great for anyone looking to teach more kids yoga classes, create new opportunities, start programs, figure out how to balance the practical stuff with your dreams!

This course will take place over 4 weeks with 4 modules of work sent your way, a discussion board for classroom talk and 1 Skype or similar session so we can chat.

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