We're really proud of our rockstar online course.  One benefit of learning online is working at your own pace (while still getting a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher and having a community around the world).  Another benefit is having the materials at your fingertips forever. (see below for our inspiring list of where folks have studied from!)


Kids yoga TT (OM Schooled 101)


Work is love made visible.
— Kahlil Gibran

Can't get to one of the In-Person Training Spots?

Become certified from hOMe in an intensive yet fun 6 week course. We’re super excited to offer this!

How does it work?  When you register you'll be given access to a *secret* OM Schooled website where we'll all hang out for 6 weeks (it's easy to use, comprehensive and fun)

Each week utilizes readings, audio/video components, hOMework, and Skype or phone sessions to guide you through all components of kids yoga.  We also require all participants to observe a kids class in their area (if not possible we will work out a solution), engage in partner work with your assigned yoga buddy and more.

This course is rigorous AND joyful.  With your kids yoga certification you’ll be able to teach in schools, studios, and private yoga classes with leadership, empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and fun.

You should plan to devote 3 hours per week on the material, but whenever is convenient.

Plus, the online material will be forever at your fingertips. 


Kids Yoga Teacher Training ONLINE

Learn to teach yoga to children ages 4-12, or grades K-5.  Complete teacher training with emphasis on tools (yoga poses, breath work, meditation, mindfulness activities, art projects, games) and how to put together (lesson planning, classroom management, curriculum development).  Runs for 6 weeks, online.

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Topics covered:

-what is yoga, why yoga for kids?  how to best communicate this with school administration, studio staff, etc?

-how to structure a yoga class for kids, considering setting and age

-classroom management and yoga

-breathwork and songs for kids, and why they matter

-sun salutations for kids, how to use kid energy wisely

-yoga poses for children, different ways to present/teach kids yoga poses

-styles of learning and developmental stages

-partner and group poses, games, and how to bring yoga philosophy into these areas

-relaxation and meditation

-lesson planning and curriculum development

-how teaching is a practice, too:  finding your voice, practice teaching

-bringing creativity into your teaching practice

OM Schoolers have studied online from the following places (and counting)

Okinawa, Japan
Muscat, Oman
California wine country
Bentonville, Arkansas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Montreal, Canada
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Kuranda, Australia
the hills of the Scottish Borders
Buffalo, New York
Shanghai, China
Sisters, Oregon
West Los Angeles, California
Auckland, New Zealand
Ontario, Canada
Wellington, New Zealand
Badhoevedorp, Holland


*please note training investments are not refundable.  please ask all your Qs first so you know this is the right training for you, then be ready to dive in!  omschooled@gmail.com (and we LOVE to answer anything)

*OM Schooled is not responsible for any injury during the course.  because it is online, we conduct teaching through media such as videos, audio lessons and reading/writing.  any poses and physical practices are your responsibility...as always, know your body and check in with your doc if you're not sure!

*in order to receive your certificate of completion, all OMwork must be completed in a timely manner. Once the 6 week course is up, all required paperwork must be in the hands of OMSchooled facilitators to be reviewed