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July 7-9 at YogaVida NOHO



August 4-6 + 11-13 at Light on Lotus in Mar Vista



Los Angeles, CA @ Light on Lotus

December 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 2016


*past trainings:  New York, NY // Orlando, FL // Saratoga Springs, NY// San Francisco, CA


“I just wanted to thank you so very much for breathing a new light into my yoga. Its so inspiring to see someone build such a transformational curriculum. Thank you for reminding me of the wonders and powers of inspiring the youth.”
— San Francisco Workshop Participant

We believe it is an honor to teach kids and teens yoga and offer TOP NOTCH trainings that will also enrich your life as a yogi!  We’re all about structure:  getting it (classroom management, lesson plans and curriculum development, cultivating how to hold space for youth) and freedom (the utter joy of yoga, health and happiness!)

OM Schooled is special because it was formed out of hundreds of classes in NYC public schools over many years (5-7 classes a day in school, 5 days a week!)  The daily in-and-out experience of teaching, with the need for lesson plans, lots of tools, an understanding of working with different developmental stages and learning styles all came into play EVERY day.  Out of this teaching bootcamp, the training and book were formed.

Trainings are held several times a year in New York City, Los Angeles and occasionally other cities (watch this space!)  Online courses are also available so you can learn no matter where you are.

What To Expect:

We believe in educating the whole child, body, mind and spirit, with All of yoga.  Take a deep breath!

If you are a yoga teacher, this course will help you direct and share your yoga with purpose.  You’ll learn how to translate yoga into age-appropriate goodness.

If you are a school teacher, this course will help bring peace to your day.  You’ll learn to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom.  Yoga is for every child and is a low-cost, accessible addition to any school.

If you are a parent, learn how to share mindfulness, health and plant seeds of wellness in your children early on.

If you are a therapist, learn how to bring tools of yoga, the mind-body connection and emotional literacy into your practice with youth.

There are no pre-requisites for OM Schooled other than a desire to teach kids, and a love and appreciation for yoga.


Kids Teacher Training Includes:

-how to structure a kids’ yoga class, focusing on 4-12 year olds (K-5) with an overview of other age groups ranging from birth through teen

-how to develop lesson plans and curriculum aligned with state and national PE standards

-approaching kids yoga teaching as a yoga practice in and of itself!  Tips for staying balanced and open.  (hint: “Stirum Sukham Asanam”…Yoga is both steady and joyful. -The Yoga Sutras, Patanjali)

-ideas for combining yoga with classroom management (key with kid’ yoga!)

-ways to share yoga in the classroom (yoga & math?  yoga & history?  yoga pauses?  Yes!)

-ideas for addressing different types of learners and developmental stages

-ideas for sharing yoga with different communities

-yoga poses, breath work and ideas for meditation and relaxation

-real-world yoga teacher advice and practice teaching time

-a collection of yoga lesson plans


Teen Training Includes:

This training focuses on asana/poses, breath work, meditation and complimentary activities (such as nutrition and the arts) to empower teen students ages 13-18 to be their best selves.  We’ll examine the different developmental stages for this group, looking at changes in body/mind/spirit, identity and social shifts.

You will learn not only the building blocks of a successful teen class, but tools for putting them together in successful lessons and curriculum.

The teen years are full of change, exploration and introspection naturally….it’s powerful to arm kids with yogic tools to help them be peaceful warriors at this time of life and beyond!

*included in course fees: full teacher training manual and access to our international online cOMmunity


Investment for info

In Person Teacher Trainings (kids and teens): $575- $600 

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*training doesn't end after the course!  you will forever be part of our cOMmunity, linked online and supported from where you are 

*please note training investments are not refundable, though for the live courses terms can vary based on the studio.  please ask all your Qs first so you know this is the right training for you, then be ready to dive in!

“Sarah’s style of teaching children gives me confidence for practice with my own son. She offers creative, tangible methods and practices that both kids and adults will savor.”
— Elena Brower, The Art of Attention


By signing up for OM Schooled, you acknowledge that all poses, breath work, exercises, conducted will be done at your own risk.  OM Schooled is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result.  Be sure to check with your doctor and communicate any limitations to OM Schooled!

Also note:  there are no refunds after payment is made, so be sure to ask all your questions up front.