Happy Summer, OM Schooler!

I hope this finds you all well, practicing yoga, and beating the heat!

A practice in summertime can be different in kids yoga world for many reasons. 

a) school is (generally) out of session, and yoga classes in summer can reflect this by being more play-based, and classes in studios may be either more packed due to kids being off, or scaled back if kids in the community tend to go away on vacation. Kids Yoga Summer Camps are another seasonal kids yoga world offering you'll see. Both the schedule and content shift as the weather does!

b) the weather is (generally) warmer, at least in the US where OM Schooled is based. This means, like adult yogis, kids might need more cooling and restorative practices. See below for one we love called "air conditioner breath."




Sitali (cooling breath) - This is a summer essential! With little kids I call this “air conditioner breath” since by practicing we can cool our bodies down from the inside-out as if we have our own air-conditioners.  For teens I call it...Sitali. There are two ways to practice.


If you are able to curl your tongue like a straw you can start by exhaling all the air out of your lungs, then breathing in through your curled tongue straw. Immediately you’ll feel how cool the air is on the tongue, entering the body. Then we exhale through a relaxed, open mouth. Not everyone is able to curl their tongue however, and you can also practice by bringing the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth. Breathing in, allow the mouth to open slightly, keeping the tongue in place, and feel the cool air slurping in the corners of your mouth, cooling the body. We’ve practiced a lot of sitali breath this summer since its been so hot. It's worth trying off the mat, too, on subway platforms and hot sidewalks.


What other ways do you use breath + mindfulness to stay cool in summer?