5 Reasons to Teach Kids Yoga

Hello OM Schooler!

We enjoy teaching kids yoga so much, and think you should consider it, too! Especially if..... 


1. Yoga helped you, and you want to pay it forward. MC Yogi said, “Yoga totally transformed me, and I just want to pay it forward and speak to the youth in a way they are going to understand.” I feel this. Yoga has made my life better and if I can share this with some young humans I want to!  Yoga helps me be at ease with myself, healthier, more joyful. Even if I help just one kid learn how to calm him/herself down, find her center, listen to her intuition, take care of herself and the world, stay joyful, that’s be awesome. 

 2. You want to get or stay in touch with your own inner kid yogi. Kids seem to have the right perspective: standing on your head or on one foot is profound, yes, but also fun. You know how the Buddha is often pictured laughing?  Well, kids seem to get this connection between wisdom and joy.  If I’m ever having a bad day I know leading a few kid sun salutations will cheer me up and put it all in perspective. It's great to lead kids yoga because you get to be a kid yogi, too. 

3. You’re interested in having a happier, healthier, more peaceful future world. We all want world peace. Well, peace does begin within and on the individual level. If we can share tools of peace, reflection and interconnection with kids, hopefully our future world will be more compassionate. It starts one kid, one downdog at a time. 

4. You like to learn and be creative. If you’re ready to learn a lot, teach kids yoga. You yourself will receive a lot of lessons, like how to be more creative, patient, receptive, giving, how to have healthy boundaries, how to communicate will all kinds of learners, with constant reminders to be humble. Teaching kids can be a yoga practice in and of itself. 

5. You Love yoga (capital L!) If you Love yoga you already have most of what it takes to teach kids yoga. Kids respond to the authentic and if you’re sharing because you love yoga yourself you’ll go far.  Get ready for lots of knee-high hugs.  

What are your reasons for teaching kids yoga?